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amazon gift card
Join the contest and get amazing prizes in 3 easy steps.

Fix something broken, assist someone in need, help heal the world… and get your reward.

YouAktion is a social game that rewards real life good deeds. Download the app and start doing great things. Earn points and exchange them with products, deals and more.

See how the contest works below!

How it works

step 1 preview
Step 1

Like YouAktion's Facebook page.
Click here or use the button.

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Step 2
Download the app and do a good deed. Get:
  •  200 AP for joining the game
  •  200 AP for your good action
  •  5000 AP if you win the contest
    *AP - Aktion Points (more details here)
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Step 3

Share it on your favourite social network. Take a screenshot of your post and send it to

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Get prizes!
The contest ends when YouAktion's Facebook page reaches 30000 likes. The winner will be selected randomly and will get:
  •  $500 Amazon gift card
  •  5000 Aktion Points. (more details here)
  •  One YouAktion T-Shirt
  •  His photo on our homepage for one month.

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Keep up the good work by doing more!
Collect more Aktion Points and exchange them with products, deals and more in YouAktion Exchange page. Click here for more details
Check out few of the products that you can get:
Download the free app and get started!

Actions that you can do to heal he world

garbage on the beach
  • Clean up trash on the beach or in your neighborhood
  • Install solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Use recycled products
broken swing
  • Tutor a kid after school
  • Fix a broken swing on the playground
  • Help someone jump-start their car
  • Leave a big tip for someone who served you
abandoned pet
  • Feed and care for a stray animal
  • Donate to the World Wildlife Fund or the Humane Society
  • Purchase cruelty-free cosmetics and household products
girl helping homeless
  • Donate to a charity
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Give food or clothes to the homeless
  • Buy gifts for families during the holidays